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IDK why i feel anxious about what happened last week, as if cheated, i feel guilty i feel like the need to tell him about what has happened but what i forget is that i did it for myself, to make myself feel better , it made me feel worse yaar. i feel like puking. i don’t know ab i am accountable to him am i answerable to him? i don’t think so i broke up because he did not have time for me. ,he did not see me for who i wanted him to he did not appreciate or feared on losing. me. i still want him to fear losing me and maybe this thing will help in it or maybe it will end the things for good. maybe , this is the push we need to end our stint . i still feel as if he wont take me , he wont take me back but dude who is he to take me back . it is i who should be the one who decides if. ishoud go back or not . the control should be in my hands , it is i who decides that does he deserve to be in my life or not . he should fear losing me bhai. its him ho led me to do this i was never ever this person who goes on to hook up with random guys and. moreover, while i was in it i had him in my mind . couldne take my mind off him . i still fear that if i ever tell him this he, never come back but shouldn’t i be the one who makes. acall ? why should i givee him this liberty . ?

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You’ll have to understand that not everyone
has the same emotional capacity as yours.
That’s it. Stop hurting yourself because they
can’t reciprocate your feelings. Maybe it’s
not in their hands to care as deeply as you
do. Everyone is unique and that is what
allures you in the first place. So if someone
can’t keep reminding you about how cute
you look when you act this way or how they
love it when you talk that way or how much
your presence mean to them just know that
everyone experiences life in their own ways.
If you think you deserve better, go ahead
and look for that. Don’t keep complaining.
Maybe they have a diferent way of
expressing and you’ve got nothing to do
with it. Stop taking everything so damn
-Aastha Munjal
does this makes sense?


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