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S. Raghav @sraghav

Idk why but my colleagues think it increasingly funny to make fun of me. They pick on me for small small things, like my hair, my glasses. Every dy IT IS something or the other. And I don’t want to name any one community in particular, but these people think they are too superior. Always loud and proud and making fun of me, the quieter one. I’m a grown man, I’m sick of the everyday hassle with them. I just want to work in peace.

3 replies

Let them know this! please, you have the right to do so. Don’t just sit and listen to the. You deserve so much more.

Rashmi @rashmimalhotra

You don’t have to just sit and listen.  If you dont tell them that its not right and you don’t like it than will continue doing it . Let them know that its wrong .

Khushboo @khushboo

Hello, thanks for sharing your problem with us. I can suggest you to ignore them or avoid them. Don’t communicate anymore with them. Just perform your work with sincerity without their interference. All the best.


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