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idk where to start
1. It’s been more than 2 years since my break up
2. I have moved on from him
3. He is back again after 2 years and we are friends right now
4. My head gets messy thinking about him. I still have feelings for him maybe but i am not sure
5. I am confused about his true intentions, why is he back? is he back because he loves me? or is it just because he wants to make things right? or he doesn’t want any bad relationships in his life?
I am overthinking about it since 2 months already and i cant sleep till i get the clarity about it. Help me out I will be very thankful. Thank you!

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Let’s get one thing out of the way first - you are actually clear about the scenario, and deep down inside you, you know what you are going to do about things, whether it works out or you stay friends.
You have to realise that and follow your gut feeling, I understand the trust issues, but remember, issues are there for a reason.


If he left you for another girl, just maintain distance and don’t go back to him. Cause he treated u as an second option and is it a government school or what whenever you think of coming you come n go back. If this is not the case please let me know i will help you out✌️


No he didnt leave me for another girl. He left me because of third party involvement of our parents


You didn’t made it clear about the breakup like who did it…
Assuming he did the breakup…and you moved on right?
You both broke up because you both didn’t go well with each other so why are you repeating that again…
Just move on…
And if you still can’t forget him
Just talk to him about it…
And I guess he’ll be able to make it clear than anyone else…
And if he wants to get back together again then think about it and do what your mind says…


If I think rationally, we both come from very different cultures, its going to be hard for us in the future but for nowit is actually yet unknown of we work outor not due to various other reasons. And we broke up coz our parents and faculty involved. Also i kept approaching him but it is after 2 years i got to k that he was scared of both the third parties and ruin his career. He is a human and it is understandable. and he also said that we would talk to me only if i moved on from him completely. please help me get the clarity. Its too confusing! I want to make the decision quickly

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