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Idk what to do?
It’s been 5 years
I can still see her in front of my eyes
Her voice, face, smile even her her eyes is still in my brain.
Everything reminds me of her
Cannot forget her gentle touch on my face
Cannot forget her warm hugs

Tried everything, but I think time doesn’t heal everything.

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Hey, time doesn’t heal some things but you can try to change your perspective. Love is about giving rather than receiving and it takes a big heart to do this. Maybe you were lucky that you got to experience what love is because for some of us we don’t know even what it it is or how it feels 😅
I hope you gain the strength because what’s yours will find you eventually


Don’t worry you will feel love too.
It’s one of the most amazing feelings.

Thank you for the comment
I am a strong guy now. But still!!! That one person makes me weak and vulnerable.

Khair still proud of myself that I am a loyal one. Xd

Htd @hamnatd

It’s okay to be not strong sometimes
Take time to feel all of this but find something you’ve been overlooking for a while like a skill
Spend time with yourself :)


Stay strong!


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