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Shrxy Hxbla @shrxy

Idk i feel my sister is going away from me after her marriage.
We didn’t even celebrated Rakshabandhan like we used to do. I don’t know what went wrong, she is my only friend, i used to tell my problems only to her but idk i am unable to talk now.

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I gs after few yrs everthg will be back to normal
U can just talk to her about how u feel and all

Shrxy Hxbla @shrxy

Tried talking but after some days things are back to where they were. She didn’t even spend a rakshabandhan with me. Is that a lot to ask idk came so late that day. She used to be the first one to tie rakhi but not this year.

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moon @moon22

Don’t worry… everything vl be sorted out!!! Just maintain patience


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