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--- @someonefromhere

idk how to say this. I like really low at life rn. I recovering from ed and struggling with depression, anxiety and school and everything at the same time. My family knows i have this kind of problems but i feel like they do not take them seriously.

My mother is teacher so she sees a lot of teens at her work and she always tells me ‘‘she is depressed you should talk with her .’’ ‘‘she has clearly hard time right now, you should help them’’ but what about me? i feel like giving up because living is hard. i am busy and alone, i feel like my friends don’t really want to be with me and think me as a burden.

yeah sorry for taking your time </3

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Hey listen to me
I have been there so I can try to help you.
Only if you want 🙂

--- @someonefromhere

hmm, maybe it would be worth to try i think?


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