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vs @vinchzzz

Idk how to get rid of this depression, this bipolar disorder , i feel like a maniac , i try to act like m fine when my parents r around , but as soon as I m back in my place ,my room ,these self destructive thoughts surround me all over again
It’s just i don’t wanna be left alone even for a single min, caz as soon as I m , i have this urge to cry,to scream my lungs out , to do something bad to myself , idk how to heal, it’s not working
N so desperate for that one light that i even got on this app just to speak my mind out , just to speak anything , anythinghhhhhh

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Bliss Bound 😇 @livingthen...

Hey buddy , i feel you . You wanna talk it out , you might feel better and maybe i can help you with whatever i can.

luckzzz rocx @luckz

I remember feeling this way too 4 years ago in a college hostel. I healed slowly. I got back up on my feet and dedicated everything towards my passion. I had some amazing people who helped me up. You need someone to talk to? Please do. Feel free to reach out if you wish. I’m rooting for you.


How old r u? From which incident u r feeling like this…self harming depressed and bipolar.?

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Pushkar @pushkar254

Depression is just a outer layer. Inside is bliss. You just need to break the layer to live fully. The layer can be broken by stilling the mind

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Roy @roy340

Heyy understand ur feelings.
It’s hard to go with this feeling, that memories, that place, that songs, that talks spin over our head.
We feel super happy when we are busy with some work, or with someone but after that once we get me time and alone that depression kills us.

I truly understand your feelings and what you going through.

We are here to help everyone to come out from this phase. You can message me or anyone from here to help you out and make you feel better…
Good luck 👍👍

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akn.... @akn222

Have some faith in KRISHNA 🙏…read Bhagavad Geeta…the only solution of all problems…haha

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uday kiran @uday_kiran2408

Meet as many people as you can
It makes you better
And try meeting new people

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Mountain Guy @potato_head

Same happens to me but i punch my fist in the wall and later regret it then it calms me down :)


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