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Iam in 12(commerce) rn tryna look into courses that i should pursue in future but it’s so hard man because iam not really interested in anything perticular…
So can u pls suggest some career options…and courses…

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Lana Ray @eshita

This helped me

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Anurag @anuragilu

Do bcom and after it charted accountant…

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Arnav @arnavhi

Company Secretary


What do you want in life


Firstly try developing skills…start doing CA course and with it do some freelancing works( which requires skills like tech, video making, editing, contentwriting and a lot more).


Aapko kya course chahiye ye important hai usko dekh ke aage ki planning kro aur Thora lge ki nai toh usse Kam mein dekho aap ki accha isme bhi hai Thora interest uspe dekhlo aap


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