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Iam girl ,How do i get rid of feeling that I never played sports in my school college and childhood days.

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start playing sports now, find you someone who you can ball with or play soccer (or whatever sport is you want to play) with… go to your local REC center and try to join in with whoevers already there, find an adults league and join it… do something now so that the feeling of not doing it before can go away


I’m a girl too and never played sports…I am the kind of girl who doesn’t want sports …so because I don’t love sports, I’m not doing it…just do what you love to do…but if you really want to try to play, then play…do whatever you want!!!..😘👌💪

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Dhadkan @angel14

Same 😂…I hate sports 😅
I just enjoy singing , dancing n writing poems instead …🌈🌈


woah!! so I think just sing and dance …don’t do things that you hate…
I enjoy dancing too…let’s dance together…hahaha
can you sing for me girl?

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Dhadkan @angel14

Yeah sure 🌈☺️
I love singing 😅👍


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