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I’am bothered
Hi so I want to get your advice my brother’s girlfriend has been living with us for the past few days she left their house because the had a fight with her father about money. her mother passed away a few months ago and it is her and her father left i really felt sorry for her father cause her father is a good man and she is acting like a brat she is always out spending money with my brother my brother on the other hand is a stuburn and impulsive and i hate the fact that he did not advice her to understand her father me and my sister are upset about this we talked to her cousin about these and she told us that my brother’s girlfriend is really a brat her father cooked her something to eat she told him that she does not eat that before when we visit them at their house she would yell at her father and on our way home my sister would murmur about her attitude towards her father. i just want to tell that she should never take her father for granted.

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Tell her yell at her make her understand


Yell at her


Sometimes yelling and shouting just aggravates the situation. I feel like it is not your place to meddle and dig too much into it. But if you want to help you may ask your brother to sit, have a talk with her and make her see the reality. In this situation your brother may be the only person who can really make her understand. I feel you should first talk to your brother and make him realize who is in the wrong, maybe then can he talk some sense to her.


She could be just acting out because her mother just passed away. Unless and until she comes on terms with it , cry it out or let it fade with time, she won’t be much different than she is now.

you can’t expect people to value things and relationship just because it is the right thing to do. They’ll learn from their own mistakes.

I hope she finds a healthier coping mechanism to realise her loss and put her shit together before she really hurts her father or someone else


What she is going through or the reason for being so hyper… cant be simple… her father and her bf has to take their time to soothe and comfort her so she could get back on the right track she needs their help… her anger is an expression to avoid something its upto her father to find out the cause and soothe her pain…


i think that might be complicated because she is really making me mad at her because the bitch did not stop my brother from hitting me in the head and she always comes at our family gatherings like she is always there my cousins and aunts are annoyed about this like everywhere we would go she would always be there like when her mother was still alive she came with us at another side of the country and she did not ask her father that she would come with us she took up some space coz she is a big lad and here is an update my sister got notified in facebook that it was her father’s birthday so my sister and the cousin of the gf of my bro come up with a plan that we would give Tito a cake when we got there it was just Tito playing some songs that were sad and guess what the his MF daughter was not there we even asked him where was she and he said that she is with her friends i asked her i when i was at work if she wants to celebrate with me but she said no that is what her father said when the birthday night ended she did not come home instead she slept at her friends house and now that she has sensed that they are annoyed at her she is always at our house like o my godd her cousin even gave her some money to purchase an freezer and ice cream so she could resell it but she does not take good care of all the money now she non left to buy the ice cream stocks now she has no money left and she bought my brother a motorcycle thats where all her moms money went i guess


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