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I wrote I love you with a highlighter and you replied with laughter and bold letters in your eyes. I always found italics soothing but it’s your bold u’s that made me high. your handwriting might not be that pretty and you might always mess up your l’s but I will never forget the way you wrote I love you’s at the back of my geography notebook. and though i never liked geography, I always had it’s book in my hands. I would always wait for the small notes you dropped in my pouch. never thought those little crooked hi’s could make my day. but since then I have been waiting when you would come again and you never show up, and now all my ice cream has melted so maybe its time to go home, a home that doesn’t smell like you and a home that doesn’t have your socks right under the bed; a home that is for me and only me. because all this time that I have wasted in looking back and I’m realising that now it’s time for me to move on. and maybe you were never even here, maybe all we had was a small dream. as cliché it sounds, I’m happy to let go of you as a soft happy dream. perhaps all you had been was a daydream.

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this is so beautiful i have goosebumps


Beautiful :-)

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...

“Perhaps all you had been was a daydream.” How beautiful.


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