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I wrote a song for my uncle. We are best friends, but his immediate reaction was scary. The son goes like this:
“You run
You fly
You reach for the sky
And I love you.
You soar above
The misty clouds
And there is the sun
And I love you.
As you take a step
Away from here
All your worries disappear
And I love you.”

I thought he was going to love it, but he screamed, “Copyright!” I was confused for a second, but I realized he meant it sounded like Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I wrote the song for him and his wife, they just got married, but he didn’t care. He screamed at me and I got so stressed out and self concious and I still think I copied Judy Garland and should be in jail.

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I forgot to mention that my uncle is such a big deal in my life and he has never doubted me. Help.


I’m sure it meant nothing. If you are best friends then know that best friends support each other always. He must be thinking of something else while that happened. Don’t worry about it


Okay, thanks.


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