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I would like to advise friends…

preparing for competitive exams to stay honest and fearless in their efforts… Lack of knowledge,unpreparedness, or unexpected events might lead to challenges in any exam, but the biggest obstacle behind our failures is often our owner…

Many times, we associate exams with our life’s existence, and every step in the exam hall is driven by that fear…Questions arise in our minds: What if I Fail? What will family and friends say? I’ve invested so many years in this;now, I am not even worth anything…

All of this births failure. Keep faith in yourself…Consider if failing an exam truly defines you as an unsuccessful person… Life has become so trivial that an exam alone determines your destiny…

Firstly, there should be a strong belief that you are above all this, and you will work hard… But even if it doesn’t work out, life is vast, and there are numerous options…

Therefore, prepare without any fear with complete honesty… Deal with the rest later, leaving some decisions to the divine…

मंजिल को छोड़ो मुकद्दर पर,
कोशिश आखरी हद तक करेंगे…😊

Wishing may everyone be selected.

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