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I work a call center job although im classified a trader. The job role is simply taking call after call helping clients with their accounts. Im grateful for the job because its with a great company and the benefit package is amazing. I took a break because I started feeling the stress of the job how your’e seen as a nobody and your performance is tied to the amount of calls your able to take and the surveys you get. This is my first corporate job but Ive come to realize I dont really like the 9-5. I came into the industry strong thinking I knew what I wanted to do and accomplish, its been a year and few months and I found myself going through suicidal thoughts and taking up drinking every morning to try and calm myself before I begin the day. Its like I dont even know who I am anymore or never did. I watch videos about successful people with different sources of income and in my mind I wonder what am I truly good at to break out from these chains of work. Thankfully im frugal with my money and know where my goals are centering within that arena. Am I just getting my feet wet, jumping into conclusion without fully 'letting time pass and allowing the rewards come due to hard work? Or when your truly unhappy do you still ride it out or start looking for other things and if it is the latter how do you find your true self and know what you can do and love doing.

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Hey there,I feel as though a lot of the times, our mind and body does have a way of communicating things to us that we’re unable to see or clearly assess. In one’s head and heart, there is a sense of surety. The surety isn’t unwavering, but it is one that convinces you that there wouldn’t be anything else you’d rather be doing. It’s hard to explain, and yes, there is a level of commitment, even to things that you supposedly love. Because you won’t consistently love what you’re doing, every day of every week. There will be days that it will be hard. But it’ll never make you miserable. There will always be an end goal, a positive outcome that you look forward to [no, I don’t mean the weekend] that makes you want to accomplish things. You don’t leave things when they get tough, but you shouldn’t endure things when you know you don’t like them in the first place and have a very strong gut feeling that you shouldn’t be doing it. That’s how I feel, I might be wrong. But go with your gut, stick with your gut. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it.


Sadly in life most people hate their jobs. Some are brave to find what they love to do.


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