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Lia @leelia

I wonder where are you now? it’s been more than a decade and you probably don’t even remember me. Although I never said a word you never left my side, you were the only one to offer me a hand while everyone else turned their back on me. I hated that place, all the kids were cruel and used to make me cry but you changed them and you changed me. The moment you defended me everyone changed their attitude immediately. I didn’t know you had that kind of power since you didn’t have many friends either, I didn’t know you had that kind of courage since you always used to be pretty quiet. You used to ask me why i wouldn’t talk to you, you used to ask me if i didn’t like you, if you had done something to upset me, I never answered your questions, I never said “hi” back, you probably never heard my voice at all. Do you wanna know what got me so quiet? the truth is i was mesmerized by the darkness of your eyes. All i could do was stare at them and wonder what i had done to deserve you, everyone taught me i didn’t deserve to be loved but you showed me love even tho i never reciprocated it. You showed me love just because you simply cared and without expecting anything back. I couldn’t talk to you and i was afraid you’d leave me eventually, that you’d get tired of waiting just like everyone else, that you’d get bored… But you never seemed to mind, you enjoyed my company and offered me company, we never had a conversation yet we used to hang out everyday like best friends. You were my first love. Sometimes I wonder what’s your life been like? You could be a completely different person, you could live in another country, you could even not be here at all, i’d never know and that makes me sad sometimes, only sometimes.

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Definitely got me emotional…such deep rooted feelings wow.
Felt like reading a grand story of true love.


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