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I wonder if I will ever hear from you now at all.
But this is what I have to say.
I love you, I was deeply in love with you at that point. When you said you loved me I believed you, when I replied with I love you more, I had meant it from the core of my heart.
I tried my best to love you in the best possible way I could at that point and I still love you. I ldk what were the circumstances at your end that made you leave suddenly but I want you to know that I still love you and I still wait for you. I pray to God every single day to bring you back into my life. Idc whatever your past or present is, idc whatever your limitations are, I just want to be with you. My love for you is true and pure, I wish you didn’t push me away like this my love. This is painful. But nothing can ever stop me from loving you. People can say whatever they want, I just cannot stop loving you and I will keep on loving you till my last breath. I hope one day we will get back together in this life or after life but I really hope to be with you forever at some point.
Yours truly. Xx

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Via @vialoves

Sending some hugs to you, I felt that.


I feel you bro


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