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I wonder how does it felt to finally ticking off the things you’ve been writing from years on your small little diary, kept in your pocket. How does it feel to finally live that moment, you’ve been living in inches through your phone screens or books.
I remember the words i read somewhere, “The moment you got the things you’ve been chasing, you start chasing something else.” and i swear it hits me harder and it’s kind of brutally true.
Does it still hold the special place in your heart, after getting it. Does it feel make butterflies in your stomach, after you got it?
I’ll leave it with a question mark so that you just take a pause from your busy life and rethink.
Don’t undo the importance of the struggle you’ve made while chasing it.

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...

I so believe in the law of attraction. You always get what you can think of.


I think about this a lot too


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