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Aakifah @kifah

I wish you knew how much you’ve hurt me
I am tired of crying cuz of you
I am done being scared of you
I wish I could do something about it
I wish I could change my life
I wish I wasn’t so scared
I wish I wasn’t so hurt
I don’t know what I want more to die or to be happy for once in my life

I can’t even begin to explain how much it pains me like my whole body shivers at just the thought of it and I stop breathing for a while

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Hugs. Despite this, I’m proud of you for getting up everyday and trying to be strong. 🤍🌻

Aakifah @kifah



Same thoughts🥺🥺

Aakifah @kifah

Hey are you okay?
What happened
Do you want to talk about it?


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