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I wish there was a pause button in our lives. Just to make it all stop even if for a moment I want that calmness which I struggle to find in the chaos of my life.

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There are so many pause buttons for us. We just need to learn to “see” them, even though we see them.

If you have the mental and the physical bandwidth do something that you love - just do it, don’t worry about the outcome. Go wild.

Be one with nature - get out, sit by the seaside/mountain side or any place that’s abundant in trees or just any water body. No distractions (phone), just you and all of your senses and mind & soul.

Meditate and do it smiling - different vibe.

If all of this is too much of a hassle, do absolutely nothing & don’t be guilty for it. We all need that!
After-all a wise turtle once said, “Quit. Don’t quit. Noodles. Don’t noodles. You are too concerned with what was and what will be.”

So yeah, you choose what your pause button should feel or be like and use it whenever you want or need. :)

May your chaos find calm within you. Just like being in the centre of a storm.


I’m trying to find the centre of the storm. I’m trying to find the calm in my chaos.


Easier said than done and I know it sounds like a riddle but believe you, me. It’s a sign that your soul and the universe is telling you to delve deep inwards. Whatever you seek outward is only going to be temporary, like a band-aid ready to be ripped off again. Feeling lonely in the crowd because a constant battle is happening inward. Your presence is needed there (inward).

Time to introspect. Like cleaning your closet - remove that doesn’t serve you and value those that do.

If I may humbly share a link/topic with you, up to you if you’d like to watch and learn to practice to find the centre of the storm.
Helped me gain insights from him and applied whatever I knew and learned from every monks I’ve been/travelled with. Hahah… not a monk myself, just a wanderer on this earth.

Link below. Incase it doesn’t let you tap, type the topic on YouTube.

How to tap into your awareness- Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche - TED.

Watch his videos and see how he has also overcome his hurdles in life.


Thank you very much! I will surely look into it


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