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I wish my relationship with my dad was a little different. I wish we were close, I wish he wasn’t just a stranger who simply existed . I wish he was more supportive, loving, compassionate. I wish he was just a father figure. I wish I had a father figure. I try to catch my brothers attention because he is the only other male figure in the house. I wonder what it feels like to spend time with your dad. till some extent I blame my dad for the way I am, about relationships. I feel uncomfortable getting attached to a significant other, its too much to handle. I don’t show much affection, I don’t like it when it gets serious. my dad has always been like that. I’ve come to a point wherein I feel indifferent about him. I want my dad to love me the way I wish I could love him. growing up, I witnessed and experienced this behavior that was being portrayed by my dad. I don’t remember the last he hugged me, I don’t remember the last time he said he loved me.

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Mr. Anonymous @mranonymous

Oh my God, I can just relate and only imagine what you feel like. I just want to wish and pray that you get whatever your soul desires and even if it doesn’t happen, I’ll definitely pray that you preserve and strengthen the faith you hold for yourself. For this life is just a mystery and tomorrow you and I will just be history. Loads of love to you!


I can relate to this so much omg. I wish the same man. I hope you get the love you want


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