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I wish I was like other guys:Guys who don’t think what others think of them,Guys who are not afraid to take the stand,Guys who are confident about their moves,Guys who are blunt and diplomatic enough to express their opinion honestly,Guys with whom girls and the guys of younger age feel safe.
I just hate I was born.
I just don’t want to love this life of keeping mum all the time.
I hate how other guys,no matter what they feel,able to express in public.
I don’t understand why God created me like this.
I hate how small talks by others immediately hurt me,I hate being so soft hearted!

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Hey there! You are not like those other guys because you are YOU and that’s what makes you extremely special. Is there any particular reason that you’re not able to express yourself infront of people? Maybe you feel that you’re not informed about things enough and that you wouldn’t know the right thing to say? I’d suggest you to think about the things which make you insecure infront of people and then work on those. For example, I used to feel insecure and intimidated while talking about politics and news infront of people because I used to feel I’m not informed enough about it. So to combat that, I started reading up the newspaper on a daily basis and it really helped. Try the problem->solution plan and it might help! All the best xx


No sir.The things is I sometimes even know better than what people involved in conversation do.But when I try to enter the conversation,I fail because of my low voice.Either my voice aint loud enough to be heard by them or they just dont acknowledge my opinion.
When such thing happens my inner voice tells me dont try again.


I agree !


You know, this happens a lot of times when we are in a group. You tend to say something and it gets ignored by other people, and it makes you feel like you shouldn’t try again. But that’s not true. you should try again and get your opinion out there and say what you feel like saying. Whenever this happens next, take the step to say what you feel like saying. Consciously try harder, you will feel 10000 times better.

Khushboo @khushboo

Yes, we all should not overthink about what others will think. Take your stand irrespective of what happened. Don’t get hurt by little things. All the best.


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