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i wish i was just born as a cis man. it’s not like i am a trans man but if i were born as a cis man i would stay as one. it feels neutral. i hate that my family sees me as a girl and i can’t ever tell them because you can just tell that they follow by the gender norms and wouldn’t like me if i choose to be that way. my family always tries picking feminine clothing for me when we’re shopping and i really don’t understand how they don’t see that i’m uncomfortable. they wonder why i don’t like going out with them or why i stay in my room. i can’t wait till i’m able to go to college and just leave. (PS my siblings “say” that they support lgbt but only think that includes sexuality lmao)


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Heyyy, I’m so sorry man, that sucks. But you know, I really hope it all gets better in college. Have you tried explaining your siblings about your situation? I hope they understand!
Much much much love and power to you <3