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vikram @vikb

I wish I had real friends …even one true friend would’ve sufficed. Every person I met in my life always used me as a doormat and just never cared…even my girlfriend of 2 years… my first relationship in 12 years… she used me at every point and after a while…I was just worthless… “ i just don’t have any feelings for you anymore” thats what she said out of the blue one day…every night I struggle to sleep because I have a lot to say but no one is there to listen to me… Don’t know where my life is headed

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Don’t worry we are with you

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Eli @eli_24

Do you need to talk? If so, message me


Take a deep breath buddy…life’s have been unfair for you, I understand. Focus on yourself…you deserve that. Stop caring about what others think and just do what makes you happy. Make them feel bad that you didn;t fall in life. Your life is going to be good cuz your future self will be so proud of you for all your efforts…real people are rare but don’t worry … You’ll find them when the time is right… Be positive now! Sending love and support <3


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