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I wish I felt beautiful. You can say that I’m toxic, but no one is born toxic. I was made toxic by my past relationships. I’m insecure now even though I have a boyfriend. He’s great and loves me, the best boyfriend that I’ve had so far. He doesn’t intentionally make me insecure, but today he was watching a tiktok where this dudes girlfriend took him to get coffee where the Waitresses were in bikinis. The girlfriend in the video was saying that she took him there so he could see that she isn’t toxic, and so he could enjoy himself. My boyfriend told me to see, and it was like asking me why I can’t be like that and it made me feel sad. I wish I wasn’t insecure. It made me feel like I wasn’t enough for him. I wish I didn’t feel this way about myself. He’s good to me, and everything but I still feel like I’m not enough. Why do guys still care about stuff like that if they have someone who they love already? Why do they still feel the need to want to look at other women.

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