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I wish I could just meet her again. Hug her so tight. Cry a lot in her arms. Then show her how the big girl I have became. Have long talks with her about our past and everything, everything there is. More than a best friend, more than a mother(if there is anything more than that) wish we could talk all the possible things there are. Wish I could take her advices, wish I could listen to her thoughts, wish I could hear what she feels and what she has been through. Wish I could tell her that sometimes I get so angry on her to leave me just like that and I wish I could tell her that I forgive her for that. Wish I could thank her from my whole heart and wish I could ask for her forgiveness from my whole heart.

In the end, when I go, I wish to go to her and I wish to spend the eternity with her…if there is.
I wish her happiness in the whole universe that she never got on earth.

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