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viraj @virajroy

You should not think like this…


Oh thank you i wasn’t aware about that you really opened my eyes

viraj @virajroy

I know you’re messed up right now and it’s hard to understand anything anyone right now. But try to realx your mind and sit at one place for at least 5 min don’t think anything just focus on the situation that what’s happening…and is it the only solution of problem…what will happen after me upon who loves me…

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oblivion @kousheyi

You wish you could kill your life as you know it to be. Don’t worry, even if things seem very hard right now, there’s always one thread to be hanging to. Find that thread of yours and focus kn it. Look upto it, do things related to it everyday. You can also try writing a letter to yourself. That helps. I’m saying all this because I’ve been in your position and sometimes i still do, but killing yourself is not the option. Making your life better is one. Take your time, go at your own place, remember you are where you are supposed to be. I love you. You matter. Your feelings matter. Things are going to be fine stranger, hang in there. ❤

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oblivion @kousheyi

*on, *pace (typos)


We want to kill our problems not ourselves, lets kill your problem

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