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Lia @leelia

i wish going back in time was actually possible, but i thought about it many times, would i really do anything difrently, even if i wanted to maybe i wouldn’t because i would be too scared of the butterfly effect. What would you do if you could go back in time?

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Thank you for putting up this question…
But i personally feel that thinking about past will do no good…
Because past can neither be relived nor be edited…
Such thoughts often cause stress…

But since you have asked…
I just just just wish that i would have never got attached to a person i got so emotionally involved with…

It has harmed both of us

I am full of guilt
A guilt that will never leave me
Of permitting a person in my life
Being a part of that person’s life inspite of very well knowing that relation had no future
I feel i have played with that person’s heart n emotions…

I will never forgive myself for hurting a person I love so much…

So yes if my life takes me 2 years back to that day
I first interacted with that person
I will make sure to ignore that person this time
As i know how miserably it all ended up …
Thank you


This may be dark.
Would have never let my parents get married.


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