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Trigger Warning
I wish a bit more richer than who I am today now. It feel a bit upset when someone who is richer than you talk about expensive they bought.

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it’s quite hurtful, but i guess all that is in my hand is figuring out HOW I can earn more and be willing to go the extra mile, i dont really see any point in looking at dumb rich people because that’s just a lottery that they won… so that just feels REALLY bad. I’ve learnt to stop comparing, but it still hurts…and I think about when will my time come ??


Hi dear,
I can understand your pain.I feel bad when I see someone talking about his fitness routine and moving around proudly with his muscular body.I hate myself for being lazy and not able to hit the gym due to social anxiety.
But see,everyone out there is insecure of someone else.The muscular guy I feel comfortable around told us that he feels bad when he sees guys of his age with better bodies than him.
Its just that they are good at hiding it.
When someone tells you how expensive things they bought,they are showing you how happy they are buying that thing,they ain’t showing how poor you are unless they explicitly say this to you.
So stop worrying about others buying expensive and start appreciating yourself that you are saving.
You never know if that person is spending without saving.

Mr.psychologist @mrpsychologist


Kabh tak paiso ke peechey baagogey …kabhi gareebo ke muskuraatey chehrey dekho dil khush naa ho toh khena

Khushboo @khushboo


Hey, firstly i want to say that please appreciate whatever you have. Value the things we have in life and always strive to achieve even more harder.


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