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I was used by a girl, she kept using me for sexual pleasures , and what I was feeling that she loved me,
she left me saying that its just body needs,

I m stressed from the past 10 months, and haven’t slept well, all restless ness, and the same thing goes into my mind again and again.
and now I have lost my trust on anyone, is there any meditation or something which can at least take me out of this anxiety.

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Hey buddy I am sorry you had to experience this, I also get anxiety issues a lot nowadays I just ended a 7 years of toxic relationship with my boyfriend anyways I have been doing the tapping therapy and it does heal you and take your mind off things I am sharing few links where you can read about it and learn to do it yourself and try and meditate sometime before you sleep with some relaxing music to make you calm and stop the overthinking. I hope that helps you.
For Tapping Therapy:-
For Relaxing music:-

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Preeti Dahiya @preetidahiy...

It’s quite frustrating to see and read things like these. More power to you!

Always remember that there are still people who care about you. Talk to them and just express whatever is going on in your mind. You can try meditation on a daily basis. It will work wonders. Apart from it, I feel that music is also a great way to relax your mind. It will fill you with positively.


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