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I was trying to help friends out with their problems lately but ended up making myself really tired and often worried about them Sometimes… I think that I haven’t done my best for them because I don’t have the strength or knowledge to give them the best advice. I felt sorry and bad to my friends that I couldn’t do enough…

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Raghav @r4gh4v

Even fictional heroes fail sometimes. No one can help everyone all the time… you just do what you can and forget the rest…

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If you’ve ever flown on an airplane, you’ll know they tell the passengers that in the event of a crash, you’ll need to put your own oxygen mask on first, before assisting others.

Another great metaphor goes something like: “Fill your own cup first. You’re no good to anyone with an empty cup."

Go easy on yourself. You have a great heart. You’ll help when you’re able. But also, one idea could be: find solutions that free up your time. Maybe you could help them find a talk therapist or free therapy programs. Or whatever organization, program, technique, etc. you think might help them in their situation.

Sometimes, being resourceful can both help our friends and ourselves, simultaneously. Love all around! 🌷


Thanks a lot, I felt better now


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