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I was travelling by the metro today and that particular route did not have a women’s coach so I had to seat myself in the general compartment. One of the men in front of me kept staring at me and it made me so uncomfortable. I did not have the courage to do anything but it sure gave me chills down my spine. It was bad. I think of it and I still feel cringy and weird.

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No one 111 @jarul

Here’s a trick my dad taught me, stare back at them, square your shoulders and try to look bigger. Get your back straight, and ask them “Can I help you?” they will walk away, an attacker doesn’t victimise someone who will fight back. So fight the fuck back.

Khushboo @khushboo

You don’t have to feel cringy firstly. He might not know how to respect others especially in case of females. But you should be confident and ignore his way of behaving. Try to avoid him and not thinking about the same. Be courageous to make meaningful changes. 
It was so nice to see you sharing your problem with us.


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