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I was talking to a girl for a 3 months, and on Friday I had to end it because she was causing my mental health to decline rapidly. We were very close and I knew her for 8 months, but I said it’s best we don’t talk anymore until she changes but I know she won’t come back, so how long until I try talking to someone else? I don’t want to be deluded and go for some sort of rebound, but I also don’t want to waste time x

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honestly just move on n don’t waste time


Understand if you are still stuck on her or miss her. If not and If you have already chosen to look for someone else then I don’t think you need to wait as you are ready for a new relationship without the baggage of the old one.
However if you still feel triggers, judgements or baggage then wait about 6 months before looking for a new relationship. Especially if you want to find a serious one.


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