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I was suffering a lot mentally without my medications (for bipolar disorder) for just 4 days . Even now I’m unable to be calm and do some work.only thing I’m doing is over thinking and tired of thinking and agin getting sivere headache. I pretend to be normal with my family.i don’t have a clear goal or something that I could push myself and do productive work that would help me in making my life in a better way.but nothing is helping me .still I haven’t opend up to anyone even to my therapists . it have been a year since I attended counseling from doctors. I don’t even know to express my feelings and thoughts even through words now😑

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Prince singh @peincesingh

You need to talk with someone .and tell him or her everything about your feelings and past …and go out try do some sports activities like pool or running.and make some small goals to achieve

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Simran @st1199

Please open it to your therapist as she will help you come out of it. Maybe, once you start doing that you will be able to express your thoughts more comfortably?
You will have a sense of satisfaction that you are opening up to someone and have the urge to go every day and talk to her/him.

At home, sit with your Laptop/Mobile and start searching for what you want. What interests you. Even if nothing comes just type something and start scrolling, it will lead you from one thing to another and you will get a sense of satisfaction that you tried to find something. It is okay to feel this way. I have also been through the same stage of feeling blank in my life and it happens even now sometimes. Ask yourself questions where will you want to see yourself in the future and feeling happy and satisfied?

I hope it brings some light!😀💜


Luv, it is very important to be open and honest with Ur thrpst, if not them then who, they r to be un judging and helpful for u, and as far as medication, please continue with what drs have prescribed, or at least be very truthful so as to get a change or at least a slight relief,


R u still here, on this site,


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