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I was searching for ways to deal with Rejection and I found a very shocking video on YouTube which said that women don’t like guys who are nice to them. It wasn’t just one; there were many videos like that. There was also a TikTok compilation of Women criticising nice guys. I thought of it as a joke initially, but when I actually saw one of these videos, it became obvious that this was an actual thing.

I just can’t understand why you wouldn’t like someone who is nice to you; I guess it’s because not many people are nice to me. Since I have trouble understanding people or their emotions, my therapist always advised me to make a conscious effort to be nice to them. To think that I’ve been following that terrible advice for all these years.

Perhaps the problem isnt the fact that I’m ugly; maybe I’m just too nice to people. I don’t know how to feel about that. I don’t know if I can change the way I behave just for the sake of finding love. I know that I’ve to make a conscious effort to be nice, but it still feels as if it’s who I am.

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