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I was recently just so peaceful and calm with life until these last two days have been breaking me. I feel trapped in my presents. I don’t how to explain it it’s like I don’t know how to keep going on with my progress of healing. I feel stuck. I feel like instead of going forward I’m staying and I’m looking back and watching everything that have happened and I’ve lost and I’m getting back my trust issues. I’m having it hard to open up. I don’t want to do anything. I don’t find any joy. I miss the feeling of being in love and being loved. I just idk am I alone? Or what? Just want to be happy and depend on me and not care anymore. But it’s so hard. I have been sensitive lately because of my period but I don’t know what I should do. I feel so trapped. I feel I want to so much for me to make myself happy but I don’t know how to get there because it’s impossible. One of the things that I want is to get justice for everything that have happened towards me and let the karma get to those who betrayed me. I sound like a crazy psychopath. I’m really not. I’m just done people looking down on me.

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You might not be alone but you do sound lonely. Congrats on reaching out dude, big step for you with the trust issues, I’m proud! You do NOT sound crazy, at least not to me. I know what it’s like to want revenge and karma on back stabbers. Feel free to talk to me, I’ll do the best I can to help :)


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