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I was really upset with my teacher.
This morning, she asked us to write an essay and it was just an exercise for us to practice writing skills ( it wasn’t a test)
I’m an unconfident person, every time when I finish my work I’ll check the answers at the back (if any mistakes I won’t correct them)
However, this time, once I finished my work, I checked the sample essay at the back, whether I have any mistakes or some points that I neglected.
That teacher saw and just called me to stand up. She scolded me for the reason: I was cheating. I tried to explain but she even said she wouldn’t check and mark my essay ever again as I was β€˜cheating’.
Ok, my fault. I know she wants me to be confident with my work, but she scolded me just in front of 50 students, made me feel ashamed.
Also my fault, I shouldn’t be so unconfident.
This is not the first time that teacher penalizes me for other nonsense reasons: drinking water during her class ( because she thinks it is inappropriate), I used to be a silent student in the class (she thinks I’m not active at all), etc.
P/S: just express my feeling, no revenging

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I love how students have to take permission to drink water in schools. Indian education suckssss. Feel you, bro. Had terrible experience with some teachers myself

Pushker @prgupta


Be happy with any situation, u will win lastly


It is happening the same thing and i feel that this thing will make u laugh at the end of your scl


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