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I was really skeptic the night before this day happened whether I should go outside or not. I keep thinking what’s my agenda or goal that can push me to go outside. I shrugged it off and let it be. I wake up 830AM and since getting outside still bugs me, I decided to get up anddddd fix myself. Passed 1030AM when I got out. I’m not in a rush because I really don’t have something on my to-do list. While in-transit to SM Megamall, I decided that I have to go to Booksale and see what I can find. I will also go to the dept. store to canvass an eco bag or duffle bag, socks, a pair of slippers and whatever. Because it’s already lunch time when I arrived, I decided to check out some of the restaurants so I don’t have to think of it laterrrr. In the middle of my search, someone asked me for directions - the path to MRT-3. Then he asked if I know the place and if I’m with somebody and if I live nearby. I answered honestly except for my name - as usual. Then he insisted if I can use some company and I said no but he can’t seem to understand. Ugh. Everything happened so fast and the next thing I know, we’re entering the food court. Gosh! Thinking of it now irritates me. I totally said and insisted that I prefer to be alone but I sat next to him and ate. Btw, Davao’s Tuna Grill’s Squid sisig is good. My gosh, I’m getting tired and annoyed with all this recap. Ugggghh! Okayyyyyy. While we’re walking, I’m still thinking how can I ditch him. Like, okay, it’s easy bc he often go to the restroom and I can just walk away bc he’s literally a nobody. But for whatever reason, I did not. I’m actually glad that he accompanied me while I’m busy picking books but I hate it partly because I can’t read thoroughly through the books because he keeps on talking. I ended up buying only one book, the book I reserved when I first visit the store earlier that day. Then we proceed to the rest of my agenda. I enjoyed the part where we got to taste free foods esp. the chocolates at the Mega Trade Hall, there’s a ‘Fair Trade’ event happening - showcasing Filipino-made products and specialties. Things go South when he asked me if we can switch Malls. We’re at Timezone that time and waiting for the Videoke room to be vacant. He said we can go to Trinoma bc Timezone is x2 bigger there and there’s more chance we won’t be waiting in line. I clearly said no. It’s so unreasonable to go just because of that. What made me agree is when he said that he full tanked the car he rented anticipating that he will go to Laguna - his hometown. But I said, why not he just drive back home. Simple as that. Ending, I got into the car and he drive. Not towards Trinoma but to MOA. Amazing, right? Who’s team spontaneous here? We talked and talked while on our way when a Police officer signalled to stop the car. Violation? Beating the red light. As usual, he asked for his valid ID, license, and the car’s ORCR. I felt that he get a little panicked when he did not see his license on his wallet. Who would not? He seemed surprised as well realising that he’s been driving for months without a license. If not for what happened, he would not know. The officer told us that the car would be impounded and repeatedly ask what he could do to help us. With that, I know. He wants us to bribe him. How much? Oh, just 5k HAHAHAHA ‘luckily’ and for less hassle, he gave the officer 3k. The only money left from his wallet anddddd everything’s settled. We got a hard time finding a parking lot bc it’s his first time going there with a car and I barely know the place as well. That’s the time I texted my BFF that I’m with a stranger and all along my location was shared. We created a code on the spot for help (IT ako) and acknowledged (Error 404). That was so funny. I told my Mom I’m already on my way home around 7PM so she’s literally clueless what kind of stupidity I’m doing. When we entered the Mall, we searched for Timezone. Surprisingly, it is so small, it’s like quarter the size of that in Megamall. Gosh! We have no choice but to find an alternative. But before that, he go to the restroom and when he came back he realised that his license is in his wallet all along. Goodbye 3k, wish you were spent honorably. We then ended up at Quantum. Sang 10 songs and we’re out. Walk to the seabay and food trip. We ate this giant corndog at Romantic Korean Hotdog food stall and bought milk tea as well. The corndog is a must try but I’m a bit disappointed with the milk tea bc it doesn’t taste Matcha haha. It’s around 10PM when we decided to walked around. Stopped for some takoyaki which is his first time and said it’s good and yummy and tasty. Around 11PM I told him I have to go home. Because why not? He insisted that it’s too early for someone who has a car and maybe we could go for a little more ride. But I told him no because no one knows I’m with him and no one will be responsible if something happened. Of course I didn’t told him about my BFF. It took us almost an hour finding the parking lot. I honestly got exhausted with all the back and forth walk. When we got to the car, he still wants us to go somewhere because the car’s tank is still full, I stand firm and said no. My BFF is already getting annoyed because who wouldn’t. He also suggested we could drive to Laguna and that is so crazy. He also suggested that maybe he can have some power nap just to regain his strength anddddd I was never wrong, he wants us to go to his condo for that. I said NO and like what I repeatedly told him, it’s very inappropriate. I don’t think I have to explain myself so I did not. I would not go to somebody’s house let alone he’s a stranger. I know I had it wrong from the moment I jump into his car and that’s it. I don’t need another factor that could mess up my already wrecked life. In the middle of our trip to my address, we parked, again. He insisted that maybe we could walk a little bit more or bite something to eat. I informed my cousin (Pao) that we stopped for some bite so he knows what to expect. I will be a litttle late than I already am. We sat on a bench, I gave him a break so he could close his eyes while I’m chatting with my BFF because I as well already feel the need to sleep and I should not. He suddenly get to his sense and realised that it’s already 1AM and I have to go home. I asked him if he’s good to drive or he really needs something to eat to energised. For the rest of the ride I feel that somehow he’s sorry for keeping me so late anddddd my BFF is still awake waiting for me to get home. This is the tricky part. When he stopped on our destination. He said he could walk me to the house so he could introduce himself and apologise for bringing me home late. Okayyyyyy, first, I don’t want anyone to get involved in my personal life. Second, nobody’s home except for the kids. Lastly, who’s sane person will introduce himself in the middle of the night? Really? Do I make sense with that? The funny things is when I told him the door is still locked and he said yes and he’s like pointing to his lips. And my mind’s like, e? Beso beso? I don’t want people get near me and this? Hell, NO, not a chance, not in your wildest dreams. With all the remaining reflexes or stock knowledge I have, I managed to unlock the door. I get out anddddd told him to drive back safely. I assured my BFF first thing and relief is not the right term to what I felt walking through the alley. I don’t know but I just want everything to end right then and there. I clearly drew the line. I did not give any mixed signals. The only thing he had from me was my Facebook account. But even though, I have no interest of chatting or even replying to him when he said he got home safe. I know it’s insensitive of me not to thank him at least for the ride but none of what happened was my idea. My supposedly simple/usual weekend gave me all the answers I needed. Realisations hit me hard. Me being available and gullible will only lead me to further risk and damage. It had to stop.

Some background of the guy: He’s name is Herbert. Bert for short (I already don’t like him when he said that’s his name because that’s my exes). He’s 13 years older than me. Married to a Teacher for 3yrs, separated for mote than 3yrs, no child. Civil engineer - been on that field for more than 10yrs and with 4 different companies. Lives on Ortigas and Laguna as his home town. Middle child, the eldest is a woman with kid/s, not sure how many. The youngest, Computer Engineer at Taiwan, got married last week, Friday.

Now I have a good story to write in the morning. A very pleasing first entry for my ‘Sunday stories’ notebook HAHAHAHA

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