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I was in my second trimester when I lost my baby. My little baby. I was just 24 years old when I had conceived the baby. Losing a child at that age was hard. I can’t even begin to express how my days and months looked at that point in life. It was like nothing makes sense anymore. I just wanted to be left alone in a room for days so that I could just cry. It’s been 12 years now, and I still miss my little baby each and every day. Every single day.

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Abha @abha

You are a strong woman! More love, light and strength to you!


I wish you all the strength in the world. I know someone who went through this. I know how hard it can be. But please don’t shut off. Talk to people, your partner.

No one 111 @jarul

That’s really sad, but personhood only begins after the foetus is born. It was just a bunch of cells. I don’t know if this helps. But I’m sure that it was destiny and it has made you stronger.


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