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Ujjwal Dimri @ujjwal_dimri

I was in a very toxic relationship where she threatened me that she’ll do something to herself if I don’t go meet her after I ended things with her. This went on for a while and we’re not together anymore. I made sure she got her closure but she had no such plans. Im unable to move on because how unfairly I was treated and blamed, which makes me question my own character at times. I don’t feel cheerful or even a slight note of joy these days. All I think about is how much I was hurt by that relationship and what it made me do. Am I bad human being? Did I deserve that treatment? Should I have acted differently?

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It is not ok to threaten someone. No sane person will do that. Do you any of her friends or family to whom you can discuss about this situation. You should record her audio/Video for proof. May be she needs some kind of help.


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