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I was in a relationship with this guy who I loved way too much. We had our own problems and I messed up everything by talking to some other guy and developed a soft corner for him. Even after all this I never told my bf the truth. I kept lying and blaming him for everything and now he’s gone. He doesn’t wanna talk to me. I’ve realised my mistake and I really love him. I just want him back in my life. I miss him a lot. Idk if he’ll ever forgive me. But I really love him. I accept my mistake. And I will never hurt him again. But I just want him to come back to me.

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Sumit @0367

Every thing is not in our hand. And people are not things to be use when you want.if you realize that u love him then convey it to him with true heart.he will think to give you second chance if you constantly try to make him believe.


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