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I was in a relationship for almost 4years.
I never met that guy…we loved each other…
But due to religion and we were from different country so finally mutually parted ways as future is not possible…but he was the first for whom I had true feelings…

It’s been 40 days since we broke up…and I’m getting proposals…but I don’t know what to do…how to go through this dating phase…I don’t feel I’m ready or I don’t know how to form romantic relationships in real life!! And don’t know what to do with these proposals should I say no…or meet them and talk to them for sometime and then decide!

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Dalia @dalia

You should first heal. 4 years is too much. It’s not going to be easy forget everything. Give yourself some time, heal first, then start seeing other people. Good luck.


First of all take out time for yourself out and thing about the marriage & alll.


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