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I was in a relationship but things were uncertain… he we kinda knew that there are chances that after 6 or 7 months he might go outside India. Still we started dating whenever we talked about it he said we will see when it comes and I used to feel bad about it. Now some days back the chances of his going increased very much but still he wasn’t breaking up, he saw how miserable I was but still he said we will see when it comes. But I broke up. Because it was clear that he will go. Now I am really going through this negative patch of my life. Please suggest something.

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First Cry your heart out.
It’s gonna be tough but slowly you’ll have to try and move on.
It was a decision you made after thinking a lot that long distance relationship was not gonna work out.
Try and do things to keep yourself busy. I mean that’s all I can think of to tell you.
And do take care of yourself! <3
Stay Hydrated! : )


I am really miserable these days…idk what to do.


talk to your friends! if you have any hobby do it.
Also the below person has been through as she mentioned talk to her she can help you through it. : )


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