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I was in a Distsnce relationship for past 2.5 years.she was such a nice girl. Before relation we had been in friendship for 2.5 years including 9 months of friendship in same school & after that Distance friendship . After our Relationship started, she got to know about one of her good friend like her. She was emotional & symphathised for him from that time. Few time she felt attracted to him & she also stopped talking to any other guy including him. But though she was board candidate ,during practicals he tried to talk with her a few times. Sometimes she ignored him because of myself but She also like to talk with her. & Because she ignored her ,she felt guilt & also emotional about his situation.
Post CBSE exam his school life ended. Our conversation also limited because of lockdown.
Suddenly she started like feeling for him. Now she thinks that she never loved me, but loving her for past 2 years. But it is unacceptable thing for me & her friends too.

But one thing I am sure about that SHE love me so much. We have planned everything.

Plz Suggest what should I do

2 replies

Its good to know that you shared. Sharing feels good.
I would like to suggest that Its better to communicate with her, clear everything going onto your mind slowly. This will help you I guess.


Actualy, she is not Hearting out. Earlier she was sharing everything with me.
Actualy she was totally confused today & just going with the flow. She is also too Rigid today that she never loved me & love him. But she want to be friend with both .


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