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I was hoping this website could help me…

I had a boyfriend a year ago, we lasted only 5 months because we were scared to be found. I have strict parents at that time so I thought of keeping a low profile but he said he wanted to end it, so we broke up. Right now we’ve been talking again and we’re fine, we already said our apologies and became grateful to have each other before. But now he’s been sending me mixed signals, in an app he asked to match our avatars. We really looked like a couple, he even treated me like I was hi gf. He’s planning to go on my 18th bday, and i heard he would wait for me. Should I trust him again and give another chance?

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I mean, you could give him a chance depending on how things were between you both when you were together in those 5 months.
Did he make you happy? Was he loyal to you? Was he understanding, supportive and loyal?
I mean, you had to break up cause of parents and stuff, not cause something bad actually happened between you both. Right?

So, if it the time with him was worth your energy and love, maybe try giving him a chance.
If not, walk away right now and never look back.


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