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I was divorced recently . Mine was arranged marriage dint know much about his character before wedding .there were few red signal but I ignored assuming everything will be fine after marriage.
After we got married things got worse he would come home late every night never respect me even as a human . I was treated like a slave. He would pick up fight even for every small things . Eg: He couldn’t find his socks . I went into depression but never had the courage to break up. It went on the same way for 8 months and he started a fight and left me in my mom’s place. After that he would never come to see me and not talk to me I had to beg him to even talk to me. For almost 6 months there’s was no contact between me and him . One day he called me and we started talking and I thought he had changed and I decided to be very patient and save my relationship no matter what. We started meeting outside but still he was not ready to take me home. He promised he will take me home after he finishes construction of his house and asked for financial help. I trusted him and helped him and after few months I realised he was using me for money took advantage of me. Then I filled for divorce and finally out of it . But now my parents want me to get married again not that I don’t want to be married but I am not able to trust a stranger.I can’t trust a guy from matrimony. The pain I went betrayal that’s stopping me from moving on. The word marriage itself makes me anxious. I don’t want to be alone neither can I trust anyone. I am stuck. My fear is not letting me move on.

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Jayesh @jayeshb20

Let’s move on

Jayesh @jayeshb20

We there for you


Honestly, you should move on and try to live your life again. Healing does require some time but you need to make sure you rise like a phoenix.


True 😊


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