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I was diagnosed clinically for depression one year back. then during lockdown , things went stagnant for a bit and I was ok staying at home. I stopped taking anti-depressant and therapy. But now again even though I am at home, I feel depressed all the time. I think it is recurring. I don’t feel the energy to do anything, I feel like I have never been happy in my life before or now. This feels like a sisyphus’s curse. I don’t have evergy to battle this or ask for help again from my parents. I haven’t succeeded a single day in my life. I dont want all this to happen again, I lost all my friends back then. Feels like it is happening again. I have job placements coming up and I want to get one success in my life but I am not able to. I dont want this to happen again. Help me!

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Look, I understand that you feel depressed all the time, what you didn’t tell me is that, WHY? Why do you feel depressed? What is bothering you? Why are you always feeling like you don’t have energy to go through this? Are you really going to give up without even trying? You don’t have to answer these questions for me, answer them for yourselves… Ask yourselves, WHY?
Just try. Think about it this way (idk how f this is a good way to think but…) There are people out there who are facing much worse problems, not able to live, not able to stay happy, not even for a Moment. And TRUST ME, there is nothing wrong in asking your parents or atleast sharing things in your head with them. Remember this, even if you have friends, they might not be able to be there for you all the time. The only people who will be there for you all the time in each and every situation is your family/ parents. Just think, what is the worse that can happen? You go and tell them that you want to talk to them and do you think they will say NO? Do you think that they won’t be able to spare some time for you?
Try talking and sharing with them. It helped me, it can also help you.
Also, you said that you have job placements coming soon, right?
Yo, you are going to ace the interview or placement’s routine (whatever it might be). You need some faith and confidence, that’s all. You can get both from your parents.
AND in case your parents don’t talk to you much about it or something like that, feel free to comment it down here again. I can talk to you and we can make this work. We all are here for you and we all are rooting for you. Have a wonderful day, love!


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