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I was dating a girl for a year and we got into the relationship on the terms that we will get married and only with serious thoughts but now when she has told her family about US they are not willing to let her go to a family of different religion (Im a sikh and she is from a hindu background) and she doesn’t even want to stand up or speak up and is not even willing to try .
So based on this she has dumped me and suddenly i feel very very lost

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Although inter-religion and inter- caste marriages are common now, the families become reluctant at first. Two things you can do.
1. Ask your family first if they are ok with this marriage. If yes, try and arrange a meeting to talk to them face to face. Talking things through really helps.
2. Give her family some time to think about it, ask her to talk to someone in her family who can help.

Point number 1 will be more helpful in your case.

All the best.


My family is completely fine with it and they are willing to talk to the girl’s family also but the challenge really is that the girl is backing out and not willing to take a strong stand.

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