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I was asked the question in regards with my desired future career, and I didn’t have anything in mind nor did I have any plans. I don’t know what to do after. I searched online for possible careers in correlation with computer studies, and reading them made me feel discouraged. I have big dreams (that I feel embarrassed saying), but I feel like I don’t deserve to dream big for a person like me who’s very reserved and is always stuck in my own comfort zone and is scared to go a mile further. I want to become bigger than what I currently am, but I don’t have the will yet, nor the passion. What can help me become a better person than I am right now?

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Dhaaranee.k @dhaaranee

Hey , there you are the better person the way you are all that it takes is to come a little out of your comfort zone and make things work your way . You have all rights to dream big and become the best person , you have always dreamt about. Just focus a little and work to become the best version of yourself which u will become eventually. All the very best never ever give up on your ideas . Search for the mentor or guide who can guide you for ur better future . Once again all the very best.😊🥳


Dream big, but focus on the things you can do today! Small steps lead up to huge results. Dont be scared to fail. Try again, fail again, fail better! Keep making progress and keep hustling!


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