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I was all about a guy, now he likes me back and my feelings are fading. The thought of being with him makes me happy but also really disgusted in a way? I like spending time with him but i don’t think he’s my person? I don’t really know if i should take the opportunity, or wait a little longer.

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Harpreet Jhajj @hjhajj13

why go into a relationship if your not certain? if you do it can end up in two ways 1- itll be the best thing or 2- you both will end up hurting each other and be toxic. try being friends and see if the spark reignites?


Its like trophy, once you win it you dont feel the same desire for it as when you did not have it. Plus youre a teenager and this relationship wont statistically last that long. I would say you enjoy whatever you habe and dont think too much about it.


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