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I was a hostel kid who was bullied when i was in hostel and beaten up when i went home for holidays basically i was never treated right anywhere. How do i Forget about it?

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So when u went home u were not treated well over there too I believe as what u mentioned.
Look to be honest its not your hostel kids fault or your family members fault.
Its definitely your fault.
You were so weak that u cannot bounce back and faught those guys.
That could even the reason that ur parents might be thinking that how can u come home like this.
But I don’t meant that u should go now and fight with them. Before fighting prepare for it learn new skills like martial arts do some tough training and stuff.
There is game Shadow Fight 2 in which there are many strong fighters it happens that lead hero gets beaten up many times but he grews stronger each time and with the time he gets more stronger and defeat the toughest of them and looking back he sees such a long way he has come through.

So just pack your bags and become strong so that you can fight your own battles.
and it does not mean that when u are strong u bully someone.
I hope it helps you


As a person who was bullied as a child in school I can definitely assure you it’s not at all your fault. The ones who bully are the ones who are insecure. The ones who say you’re weak or you need to fight back do not understand what it feels like when you get bullied. Don’t worry a lot if your college has ragging cell kindly report such kids there, these cells do not disclose your identity if you ask them. And try to be independent as soon as possible to get away from your family. Till then take care and trust me it’s not your fault at all if someone’s a jerk and is not stable and is bad enough to bully people.


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